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Managing your data center has many similarities with other professionals in the industry.

Sharing experiences makes us feel more understood, which is why we offer surveys that we conduct with our customers regarding technology in data centers.

These surveys are very useful for us to create new applications that can assist you. Are you interested in exploring them? 

IT Asset Identifier

We all understand the importance of correctly identifying IT assets and having all the information in a single platform. We present to you the results of the survey and the significance of having complete data traceability.

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Status of Climate Management in the Data Center

Can I reduce energy consumption while ensuring service quality? This is the big challenge. We must have a large amount of real-time information available and the ability to anticipate risky situations. Discover the opinions of experts in the field.

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Cloud and Pay-as-You-Go

Cloud software platforms are very interesting because you don't need to use your own servers, and you don't have to purchase the software; you only need to make payments based on usage. But what do our users think about them? Are they using them? Don't miss the report.

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Digital Transformation Service or Industry 4.0

Having a digitalization or technological evolution plan is crucial. While we understand that circumstances are not always the best, it is very important to consider and promote future plans for the improvement in the operation and sustainability of Data Centers.

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Automation in Data Center Climate Control

It's a challenge for companies to enhance the efficiency of Data Centers. The energy costs of climate control directly impact business profitability and sustainability. We provide a report where we gather evaluations from industry professionals.

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Asset Management in Data Centers and Technical Rooms

It is crucial to correctly identify every element of the system from the beginning. Having all the information about an IT asset in one platform adds significant value to management, as it streamlines any action required by the asset quickly and securely. Take a look at the report to see what Data Center managers responded.

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Automation in IT Inventory Management

Identifying IT assets is an essential management task for any critical infrastructure. Not having accurate information about these assets leads to inefficiency in management, hidden costs, and a decrease in service quality. Check out our report to see what experts in the field have to say about it.

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If you want more information about any report or to participate in our surveys, please get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!