It's great that you've made it here

 That means we've piqued your curiosity a bit, and you want to see if we're a match. In other words, you want to see if we fit with you beyond our offer of applications and services. We hope to make a good impression and make you feel at home!

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If it's not useful, we won't offer it

At Bjumper, we are a team of individuals who see technology as a tool that should help us enjoy life a little more.
This is the philosophy we apply to critical infrastructures:  

If it's not useful
If it doesn't help you progress and grow
We won't offer it

Automation will set us free

People who manage data centers bear enormous responsibility in their daily work. They operate in management environments where reducing human error is crucial. It's normal to lose control under pressure. We can alleviate their stress and make their lives easier. 

Let us work for you!

At Bjumper, we adapt to you from the very first call. We want the same thing as you: to make the project a success under the best conditions. We are fully committed. Tell us what concerns you. We will advise you honestly and find the solution that suits you best.

Because, even though you might see it as an expense now, effective management of your information and data can make a difference in your company's future.

Just let technology work for you. Why not?


 How we do it

 In all these years of experience - and there are more than ten now - we haven't stopped learning. Our team continues to specialize in bringing technology closer to people. Count on us. This is how we stand by your side in all phases of the project:


  • We identify your needs.

  • We define the project roadmap.

  • We develop ROI/ROSI studies to justify the investment to the management.

  • We test the tools with access to Proof of Concept (PoC).

  • We define the Scope of Work (SoW).


  • We apply the SCRUM methodology.

  • We work out the SoW in detail with you.

  • We provide a specialized Project Manager.

  • We present the results.

  • We transfer knowledge.


  • We provide a platform to check the status of the services you've contracted with us.

  • We offer continuous reporting on the status of the services.

  • We send you studies to customize your infrastructure.

our fame

What they say about us

 These opinions are real. They come from the mouths—and keyboards—of our customers. They're not a trick to make us look good. Word!

Pablo Diez


"My personal opinion is that Bjumper is a dynamic company, composed of very capable, committed people focused on their customers' needs."

Marlene Suarez


"It's a company you can count on as a real partner, accompanying you, understanding your needs, and making their specialists available to advise and co-create the appropriate technological solution together." 

Jesús Frías

gerencia informatica de la seguridad social

“..Bjumper has the rare virtue of achieving the perfect blend between a multinational and a family company. They bring together the best of both worlds. They have the resources, professionals, experience, and prestige of a large company operating on several continents, but they never neglect the friendly, cordial, and approachable treatment you get from the neighborhood bakery where you buy your bread."

Ricardo Mora Herrera

Banco nacional de costa rica

“ With Bjumper, I found professional and specialized support in the DCIM tool StruxureWare to enhance its utilization. ”

Join the Team

Here's the deal: the better the camaraderie among colleagues, the better things turn out. If you're looking for a great working environment and you're passionate about critical infrastructures and the people who work with them, then Bjumper is the place for you.

Full Stack Developer for DCiM

Whether it's your first encounter with this world or you're looking to learn something more specific.

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NET Developer in C# for DCiM

Whether it's your first encounter with this world or you're looking to learn something more specific.

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Senior Vue Frontend Developer 

Whether it's your first encounter with this world or you're looking to learn something more specific.

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