Turn your data into information


of savings in operational costs


of energy savings

70% of the outages

are due to lack of reliable information

That's how it works.  


Great advantages

Manage capacity

It allows you to automatically manage space, energy, climate, and communications management. Data is contextualized, generating an ecosystem where elements are interconnected according to reality. It's like having a digital twin of your infrastructure.a

Create intelligent scenarios

TFor planning, simulations, or future scenarios, you can manage your infrastructure where service delivery is the key piece. Optimize available resources for orderly growth.

Automate tasks

Create projects by aligning processes and people. DCiM technology will be the vehicle through which tasks are automated, self-documenting changes to avoid human errors. Minimize project implementation times and accelerate the launch of your services.

Integra con otros sistemas

The data center is the core of your business/service. Provide DCiM with the information already available in other systems to reach the application layer. You will have complete traceability from the physical layer to the logical layer. Finally, the data center will have the visibility it deserves in your organization. Your Data Center Leads the Business.

Where is it applied?

Data Center Enterprise
A DCIM tool guarantees the competitiveness of your business. It optimizes and unifies all the information collected by your technology under a single management umbrella. The control of your company is in your hands.​

Data Center Colocation
Resource optimization allows for an increase in clients per rack, cage, or room. Operating with a DCIM provides greater flexibility for contracting, offering more personalized solutions to your clients and generating trust in the outsourcing of services.".

Telecommunications Operators - Telcos
It is necessary to converge all areas of operation into a single tool: Central DCs, Local DCs, Edge, and BTS. As well as the need to improve traceability, control energy and O&M costs, and have control over all assets. The DCIM alleviates much of your workload and provides you with a vision of the infrastructure's lifecycle

Edge Computing
Today, sectors such as Banking or Retail require a high management capacity at the Edge, allowing you to improve service to your customers. Managing all sites as a single unit results in significant cost savings in the daily operation of the entire infrastructure. 


Yes, we can do it in a modular and phased manner.
We'll start with an initial configuration and then add functionalities or integrations in the DCIM as needed.
 We'll design a personalized roadmap for your project based on market best practices and our experience. 

While it is possible to integrate all these tools into a DCIM, it is essential that before proceeding, we take the time to evaluate the real utility and added value that each integration could bring.
From our extensive experience in numerous projects, we have learned the importance of carefully assessing these aspects before moving forward. Based on this knowledge, we have designed various standard integration products that not only facilitate the process but are also designed to evolve over time through their versions.​

Take a deep breath. 
We understand that each company has its own level of maturity in infrastructure management. Before taking any steps, we will conduct a thorough analysis of the available information sources to adapt to the specific needs and requirements of your organization.
 This process will allow us to identify the key milestones we need to achieve and plan them on a personalized roadmap. Let us take care of the entire process. We are here to help you.​

The DCIM market has experienced consolidation since its inception over 15 years ago, and today, most DCIMs offer virtually the same functionalities. However, our clients have taught us over the years that the true value and importance lie in the journey undertaken during an infrastructure management transformation project, rather than in the specific choice of DCIM. 
Our main goal is to pave your way and relieve you of concerns by applying our products based on best practices and the most disruptive technology. At the end of the day, our aim is to ensure that critical infrastructures cease to be critica.

Data Center Pyramid

Identify the maturity level of your Data Center. Check where you are and how far you can go. Our products will guide you on the path to Data Center automation.

Do you want to know your roadmap? 
At Bjumper, we offer you a free study of the maturity of your management and how to approach a DCIM project

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DCIM support

We understand that this is a process of continuous improvement, and that's why we won't leave when the project ends.

We will be involved in the operation of the Data Center as much as you desire. We have several standardized support levels, and you choose.


Managing your data center has many commonalities with other professionals in the field.

Sharing experiences makes us feel more understood. That's why we show you polls we conducted with our community about Data Center operations

For us, they are very useful for generating new applications to help you. Are you up for exploring them? 

Cloud and pay-per-use.

Cloud-based software platforms are very interesting because you don't have to use your own servers and you don't have to purchase the software; you only pay for usage. But what do our users think about them? Are they using them? Don't miss the report.

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Digital Transformation or Industry 4.0 Service

Having a digitalization or technological evolution plan is vital. While we understand that circumstances are not always optimal, it is very important to consider and promote future plans for improving the operation and sustainability of Data Centers. 

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