Useful technology for managing your Data Center

What is DCiM?

It's a technology for Data Center Infrastructure Management aimed at enhancing energy and operational efficiency by consolidating tools and real-time information to make the infrastructure more sustainable over time.

What does DCiM provide us?

Profitability and efficiency in your infrastructure

Capacity management




Air conditioning

Real-time monitoring

Of both facilities and IT layers, with set alarms and thresholds to ensure business continuity

Efficient commissioning

Identifies the optimal site within the Data Center to incorporate new IT infrastructure based on customized criteria

Operational Framework integrating processes, people, and technology

Information unification

Umbrella platform that facilitates capacity management

Equipment consolidation.

In IT and Facilities processes

Automating MAC processes

To optimize execution times and minimize human

Support in migration processes

Through process automation, we minimize downtime

Role-based information

To facilitate decision-making

Automated tracking

Managing tasks and process improvement.

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