Avoid incidents in your infrastructure


for saving in operational costs
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The average cost of a data center outage is $100."
Only 15%
of companies have an adequate business continuity management system

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Great advantages

Improves alarms


A controlled and rationalized alarm system prevents information overload, allowing the operations team to respond only to relevant alarms. By eliminating unnecessary or redundant alarms, operational costs are reduced, and operator time is optimized.

Unifies infrastructure monitoring

A centralized control of alarms facilitates comprehensive monitoring of the data center infrastructure, allowing for faster and more effective problem identification. This enables the detection of trends or patterns that could indicate a larger issue

Properly informs the operator in the NOC

With a well-managed alarm system, Network Operations Center (NOC) personnel can focus on critical alarms, avoiding the 'forward' effect where low-priority alerts are unnecessarily escalated. This allows NOC staff to respond more accurately and promptly to incidentss.

Complies with regulations and certifications

Having alarm and continuity control helps comply with sector regulations and certifications, such as ISO or Uptime Institute. This ensures that the data center follows globally recognized best practices and standards, providing greater peace of mind to customers and shareholders.

Establishes preventive measures and analyzes incidents in outages

The storage of historical records in the system allows for detailed post-mortem analysis. This information is invaluable for determining the root cause and establishing preventive measures to avoid future issues. Post-mortem studies also help refine procedures and processes, improving the overall resilience of the data center.

Where is it applied?

At Bjumper, we dedicate time to ensure that the definition of alarms and thresholds in the Data Centers is perfect. This way, staff will easily identify device alarms, thresholds designed for each specific customer or device, and how to react in case of an inciden.

Edge Computing
More and more computing centers are being established outside of the main Data Centers. It's challenging for these data centers to have qualified personnel. For this reason, alarm control in these centers is vital for service continuity 

Industry in general
The industrial sector needs technology to innovate and increase its competitiveness. Alarm management is part of this technology that drives industry in all its processes.


Our application is independent of the design of critical infrastructure. (SNMP, ModBUS, BACnet, Other?) We will integrate any device connected to a TCP-IP network and that has a known register map. We standardize alarms based on criteria derived from our over 10 years of experience in Data Centers and market best practices.

Not at all. We install a complete application and present detailed results of the thresholds defined according to the infrastructure's needs, applying the ISA 18.2 Alarm Management Standard 

Surely, our continuity management philosophy will help you. Our main goal is to avoid the event = alarm effect. It seems very simple (and it is), but defining alarms in advance significantly reduces the number of alert notifications.

Yes :) It's one of our specialties, in fact. Monitoring and alarm management is our field. We don't rely solely on the alarms provided by the devices themselves; instead, we create our own thresholds, which generates a philosophy of alarms suitable for the benefit of the business

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