Corporate Responsibility
Reflection..The integration of everyone is everyone's responsibility

In the times we live in, where true and valuable information gets buried under mountains of data, images, and advertisements, it becomes challenging to discern the real value of information. This is because it requires a lot of time for research.

Corporate social responsibility is a concept that, from a very personal perspective, has suffered degradation of its real purpose.

 I believe we all know that the goal of a just society is based on equality, inclusion, sustainability, and many other principles aimed at achieving a more equitable society.

 However, the business frenzy has, in my opinion, distorted this objective, masking with marketing actions data that can make a company appear completely different from what it really is.

 Let's consider an example: the technology sector is known for having a predominantly male workforce, without delving into debates about the origins of this. Well, if we want to establish a social responsibility policy as fair as possible, we should have corporate bylaws that allow for an equal number of male and female candidates for each position, offering the same working conditions and wages, as well as a reasonable work-life balance.

Nevertheless, many companies hire a woman in a top leadership role and promote it as an example of equality when, in reality, it is just a symbol.

 In my personal case, my current electricity distribution company is not one of the most well-known. It is characterized by being a young, modern company with strong values of equality and sustainability, and they lead by example. Therefore, assuming that by truly upholding these values, they may have higher costs, I am willing to pay a bit more for the energy I consume.

A culture of equality and sustainability is more expensive, and it is a step we must understand and accept if we want to progress as a society.

That's why I decided to write this short note to support an initiative by the Juan XXIII Foundation, which launched an electricity retailer Juan Energy

Their goal is to raise funds to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities and additional needs due to their dependence. Their mission is the sustainability of a group with great abilities but limited resources, without a conventional economic profit objective.

At Bjumper, we started to get in touch with the foundation in early 2020, and even though we all know the complex circumstances of the past year and couldn't complete some of the planned actions, we want to support the initiative by making it known to the industry and people we have contact with. .

My personal commitment is that once my current company's contract expires, I will join the Juan Energy family. Would you like to join too?


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