Clean Energy for the New Generations

This year has been very atypical in every way, and I believe that at certain moments, hopefully more often in the future, we have felt that we've given hope to nature when we allowed it space during lockdown, a temporary respite and an unusual freedom in today's world.

It has been proven that changes in our behavior have, at least for a few weeks, given space back to nature, cleaner air, clearer water, and animals free to move without fear.

In my opinion, we should keep the flame alive that a change in our attitude can have very positive results for the environment and, therefore, for all of us and the generations to come.

I want to highlight today as an important step to raise awareness that another energy model is possible, the significant transformation from a coal-based power plant to a large-scale green hydrogen production facility.

In La Robla (León), there is exciting news of the transformation of a thermal power generation plant based on coal into a large-scale green hydrogen production facility.

Hydrogen is going to be a major player in the shift towards a new energy model and decarbonization, much like solar photovoltaic or wind energy.

This project falls within the scope of European Projects of Common Interest (IPCEI), which indicates that something is changing. At Bjumper, we want to contribute to raising awareness and spreading the word about this decarbonization process and lend our support to it.

 The data center sector, in which Bjumper operates, is a significant energy consumer, with increasing energy demands due to its substantial growth.

For this reason, we aim to raise awareness within the sector about its pivotal role in decarbonizing and involve all stakeholders in the market.

At Bjumper, we advocate for a broader vision of what the sector should be, supplementing what we already know with some of our insights.

An example of an innovative or cutting-edge data center could include:

  1. A state-of-the-art data center with flexible engineering to align with market share growth.

  2. Cutting-edge electromechanical infrastructure with low energy consumption.

  3. Data center efficiency, free cooling, PUE, DCIE, water consumption, and more.

  4. Redundancy measures to ensure maximum availability.

  5. Certifications for design, construction, operation, and more

  6. Tailored cabling to meet new security and bandwidth specifications.

  7. Competitive energy prices achieved through effective negotiations with electricity providers

However, we believe we can add concepts to the equation that do not contradict the usual ones and provide a more sustainable long-term approach.

  1. Enhanced Monitoring: More information allows for better control over how and where energy is consumed for optimization.

  2. Reduction of Energy Losses: Utilizing available information to reduce energy losses.

  3.  Competitiveness Improvement: Based on a reduction in unnecessary energy expenses and cost reduction through the implementation of photovoltaic self-sufficiency systems, currently the most cost-effective energy source in 60 countries.

  4. Real-time Climate Control Optimization: Adjusting the set points of climate control equipment based on real-time needs.

  5. Renewable Energy Contribution: Including a percentage of renewable energy through a self-sustaining photovoltaic installation.

  6. Work Process Optimization: Planning high, low, and change processes in advance, potentially consolidating operations on specific days under normal conditions. Similar to scheduling maintenance, intervention scheduling would help prevent rework, unnecessary costs, and human error risks that can disrupt continuity. Exceptions should not become routine.

  7. Promotion of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Use: Providing parking spaces with chargers for electric vehicles at each Data Center, powered by photovoltaic or hydrogen plants.

  8. Material Selection: We believe it is possible in some cases to use materials with a lower level of contaminants, such as paints and insulation, etc. .


In summary, at Bjumper, we embrace the philosophy of not being content with the status quo. We believe that taking the time to pause, look around, and breathe deeply can provide us with the opportunity to think differently.


"What do we believe we can do from Bjumper?

It is our commitment as a company to support sustainability by collaborating in the dissemination of useful information to the sector.

Furthermore, we are fully convinced that we can provide a different perspective by contributing innovative ideas and solutions that help improve and optimize the sector.

Promoting and collaborating in sectoral working groups, sharing informative spaces like webinars, industry events, etc., and, of course, continuously studying and seeking better ways to do things to share with others.

Let it work for you

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