DCiM, My Best Travel Companion

Here are 10 reasons why many critical infrastructure managers enjoy working with their new travel companion, DCiM.

Together they have a lot to say, but in this post, we'll only share a question that we usually ask them, which might be useful for those who haven't had the opportunity to work together yet.  

Why do you enjoy working together so much...? Give us 10 reasons...  

It's a very simple question to answer, and we're going to answer it with the first 10 reasons that come to mind right now... 


1.We improve planning times... We have information about the current and future capacity of space, cooling, power, and network communications, giving us greater control over our data center's expansion and potential growth.

2.We sleep better knowing we have enhanced system security, as we monitor and manage all physical security. This allows us to be more vigilant and prepared for potential security breaches.

3.We have more data and time, which helps us identify data center issues and provide solutions before they become critical and costly to address.

4. With everything monitored, we have more visibility, analysis, and control over energy usage, temperature, and room humidity.

5. We save a lot of repetitive tasks; we have even automated routine management tasks, thus helping to improve efficiency, significantly reduce human errors, and allocate technical teams to more motivating and productive tasks.

6. We always have the best real-time reports on the entire infrastructure, allowing us to make faster and more informed decisions. Analyzing with valid real-time data keeps us in line with the needs of the company's top executives.

7. Our resources are finite, and having such detailed information allows us to identify areas for improvement and optimize the available resources to the fullest.

8. It enables us to discover the state of all our IT assets and physical resources. We now have direct control and always know the health of our devices and where they reside.

9. Now, all electromechanical systems, asset management, virtual systems, IT service management (ITSM), and alarms are integrated into the same platform. This gives us greater strength and knowledge, extracting the best from each of our systems.

10. Our ability to scale towards optimization and automation has significantly changed. Now we can smoothly and orderly incorporate all new systems without having to make significant adjustments, quickly and without disruption.

​The importance of investing in automation tools for Data Centers. 2022​