Autonomous Data Center Operation

40% of companies

Critical failure due to manual operations


increase in revenue due to TTM reduction

 80% increase

of available time for higher-value tasks.

That's how it works


Great advantages

Analyze the business.

We put data to work for the benefit of the business. 

ThinkData presents executive-level information in a useful and simple way, focused on areas of improvement.

Understand the Data Center

ThinkData has been designed and created by and for the Datacenter 

It's the result of turning Bjumper's knowledge and industry best practices into a product.

Talk to your Data Center

We incorporate AI and IAG into ThinkData to harness the potential of LLMs in the user interface and to interact naturally with the system.

It will be part of your team.

Ensure the data

In SaaS format, every connection to any component of the application is made under the strictest security standards. SSL with certificate.

Regardless of whether the components are within the secure network

Plan ahead

ThinkData is here to show you not only the information but also the paths for action and planning.

It allows us to budget based on real information.

Join the change

This is just the beginning of ThinkData.

We already have plans to continue developing functionalities that make the Datacenter an automated, efficient, and reliable environment in operations.

Where is it applied?

Datacenter Enterprise 
Bjumper has created ThinkData to be your guiding light in management, planning, and optimization. We understand the ecosystem of your Datacenter and the value it holds in the business as the technological heart of your company/organization..

Datacenter CoLo/Cloud ThinkData helps you optimize the available capacity for your clients, finds energy and operational efficiency points to improve the cost/benefit per client

You will have a competitive advantage with ThinkData! 

Distributed Telco and IT rooms.s 
We don't forget about the critical infrastructure you have distributed.

Right here, it's even more critical to have visibility and projection over it. With ThinkData, unify the visibility and management of all your sites as a single entity: the one that beats for your company.


It allows you to visualize and understand the most relevant aspects of your Data Center's state in seconds for agile decision-making. 

For professionals with the ability to make budgetary and business decisions in the Data Center, without requiring high technical knowledge. Transform and simplify the presented information.  

The ideal scenario involves having asset data as well as capacity-related data. Therefore, one of the sources of information can be a DCIM. Additionally, TakeData allows feeding ThinkData and other corporate systems soon, such as Ticketing tools, Virtualization, or Switch Management, among others.

​porque es la base para la futura automatización basada en inteligencia artificial que permitirá no sólo mostrar, sino simular escenarios y ayudarte, como si de un asistente personal se tratase, a tomar las mejores decisiones en base a estudio de escenarios reales. 

 What do I need to install?

Only a local virtual machine is required to perform Extract, Transform, and Load tasks, receiving data from the source such as DCIM or others, to send to the Cloud platform. The operation is completely unattended to ensure always having the latest version of the platform and taking advantage of every improvement. 

Data Center pyramid.

Identify the maturity level of your Data Center. Check where you are and how far you can go. Our products will guide you on the path to Data Center automation.

Are you ready for ThinkData?    

The objective: the autopilot of the Datacenter. If you want to reach it, get in touch. We analyze the maturity status of your Data Center and let's get started!

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