IT Asset Identification

through NFC

How does NFC help me?

Through NFC technology, it allows you to pragmatically and effectively identify your IT assets by registering them in a web application.

Using a mobile application and an NFC tag or label, with a simple touch gesture, all the information about the asset will be recorded within seconds. The web application will display all assets registered by room, rack, brand, etc.

Key advantages of TakeData

Digitalization of asset management

IT equipment identified in an easily manageable digital system.

Operational efficiency

Efficient asset management quickly, inexpensively, and simply.

Compatibility and integration

Operation in Cloud or On-Premise mode

Offline Synchronization

FSynchronization functionality even offline

APP -TakeData

Login a la APP

Google play: Identificador de activos IT

Lectura del tag

            Acerca el móvil al tag

Lista de campos

         Hay campos obligatorios

Escritura del tag

                     Escritura posible

WEB - TakeData

Tag features


Compatible with any tag on the market with over 500Kb of memory.

Passive elements

They do not degrade like stickers and do not require a battery.

Tag Bjumper

If you want, we can provide them to you, or you can purchase them yourself.

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