Breaking Data Center Myths.
Don't believe everything you read.

Fortunately for the Datacenter market, its relevance in the general public has been increasing in recent times. It is now featured in TV news, economic press for the investments it is attracting, and even discussed in relation to European regulations and guidelines on energy consumption. We are at the forefront of technology, playing the role that belongs to us, and that's something to celebrate!

As a result of these conversations and the questions I receive (some basic and others more profound), I decided to write this article to debunk some common myths about data centers. It's not an in-depth study, just a personal opinion. However, I would love to see other perspectives.).

A raíz de estas conversación, y de las preguntas que me hacen (algunas más básicas y otras más profundas) decidí escribir este artículo para desmentir algunos mitos comunes sobre los centros de datos. No es que sea un estudio hecho en profundidad, es simplemente una opinión personal. Eso sí me encantaría ver otros puntos de vista.

1.**Myth: Data centers are 100% secure:**  Although data centers implement rigorous security measures, including physical and cyber safeguards, it's a myth that they are completely immune to threats. Vulnerabilities can always arise, and attacks evolve continuously, so having well-established disaster recovery plans and data security strategies is crucial. Expect the best, and prepare for the worst! 😱

2. **Myth: All data centers are the same**: There is a wide variety of data centers in terms of size, design, location, security measures, and services offered. From massive facilities to small local rooms, each data center is unique and tailored to specific needs. This means that each one should not only seek its path for improving its data center but should also understand its peculiarities to introduce best practices in data center management within its path. 

3. **Myth: Public cloud will completely replace enterprise data centers**: Despite the growing adoption of public cloud, enterprise data centers remain fundamental. In fact, the percentage of workloads residing in data centers has remained stable. Organizations often choose a hybrid model that combines public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises resources. The Enterprise Datacenter is not dead; in cloud services, it has an alternative. You choose, and as always, the truth lies in the middle.

4. **Myth: Obsolete data centers cannot handle new workloads*:  Many organizations are upgrading the infrastructure in their existing facilities to meet new demands, demonstrating that even older data centers can be modernized and remain functional. It's like saying that a stone-built house must be completely torn down to remodel it.

5. **Myth: We need to keep up with hyperscale companies* (this one might be a bit more controversial 🙄): Not all innovations made by large Internet companies are applicable or necessary for all data centers. Instead of trying to mimic these trends, data centers should focus on improving efficiency, staff training, and adapting to their own cloud strategies. Let's not try to kill flies with cannons; let's understand how they do it and see what we can apply to our case..

6. *Myth: Data centers are immune to power outages: : Despite having multiple power sources and redundant systems, data centers are not completely immune to power outages. Risks can be minimized, but the possibility of interruption exists, highlighting the importance of having contingency plans. Again, and although I repeat myself, expect the best and prepare for the worst.

7. **Myth: Managing a data center is easy* (this is the best of all! That's why I saved it for last): Managing a data center is complex and challenging, requiring specialized skills and knowledge, particularly in maintenance and operations, where human errors can cause significant failures. This is where we, who are dedicated to this sector, face the greatest challenge: improving operations, including technology that is genuinely useful, to achieve self-managed environments where human error is minimized, and people can focus on tasks of higher value for companies. The Datacenter is and will be the core of the business for many companies, and there is much more to do in it than just ensuring that an asset is placed in the right place!!

My goal, as a professional, is to contribute as much as I can to this sector so that we can turn this last myth into reality and confidently say that managing a data center operation is easy! ! 👀

I hope these little myths about data centers are helpful. Use them not only in your everyday conversations with family and friends but also in professional discussions at work.!

Let's celebrate together that today the Datacenter is in the spotlight, and let's make sure it looks good in the picture! 💋


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