DCiM: The Best Journey to ISO 50001

Welcome to our article on Efficient Energy Management with DCIM for ISO 50001 Certification. We begin with a brief introduction to the ISO 50001 standard. This international standard sets a global benchmark for energy management in organizations, promoting energy efficiency and sustainability.


In an increasingly digital world, data centers are essential pillars for the operation of many businesses. Energy efficiency in these centers not only reduces costs but also contributes to environmental conservation. In this article, we discuss how the implementation of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) plays a crucial role in the pursuit of ISO 50001 certification and the continuous improvement of energy efficiency in data centers.


  • DCIM digitizes all data center information.
  • Complete accessibility to information through a single environment.

Energy Policy

  •  Integration of the energy policy into DCIM.
  • Scheduled generation of policy-related reports.
  • Tracking of energy KPIs over time.

Energy Objectives and Goals

  • Planning and measurement of energy data.
  • Conversion of data into useful and documentable information.
  • Reports that ensure compliance with the energy policy.

Energy Review

  • Continuous monitoring through DCIM.
  • Notification and communication management.
  • Reports always accessible for verification.

Energy Performance Indicator

  • Incorporation of energy management strategies using ENPIs.
  • Compliance with ISO 50600 standard and best practices.
  • Data collection from the existing infrastructure.

Energy Baseline

  • Trend analysis and adjustment of ENPIs.
  • Monitoring the evolution of indicators in DCIM.
  • The relationship between monitoring and reporting with the infrastructure.

Energy Data Collection Planning

  • Monitoring and control of key elements in the energy chain.
  • DCIM is not limited to UPS and HVAC equipment.
  • Impact of IT growth on the entire infrastructure.


  • DCIM scalability to retain historical data.
  • Disk memory expansion as needed.

Communication and Documentation

  • Users with permissions can reflect changes in DCIM.
  • Adaptability of DCIM to any infrastructure size.
  • Storage of files and documentation in DCIM.

Planning and Operational

  • Control DCIM as an integral part of planning and design.
  • Support for decision-making and operational control.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • DCIM facilitates energy performance monitoring and evaluation.
  • Support in internal audits and management reviews.

 Invest in DCIM today and move towards a more sustainable and efficient future! !

DCIM is the cornerstone in Data Centers that becomes the bridge connecting the vision of more responsible energy management with the reality of ISO 50001 certification. Energy efficiency is not just a goal but an urgent necessity, and DCIM is the tool that takes you on this journey, benefiting both your organization and the planet


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